Tetzuo chaos is my hardcoreset

Tetzuo chaos is my hardcoreset by niña terrorista

set list:
exploited- chaos is mi life
linch.r- rain.core.nation
gate to hell- release the power
cuchulainn- hope of distortion
dcybl- hemisphere
goth von core- cheery tale
creative union- the core of evil
knejerk- awakening
azrael- pump this groove
scratch feat dcybl- battle of the century
al core- doomwalk
al core- dreams of nightmare
dcybl- the suspect noize
miss mackie- 280
al core- atomic requiem
al core- frenchcore can can
the mastery and scrub- happy to mad
legal terrorism- hacking democracy
dcybl- serotonine
al core- chicks who like big kicks
gnido kuvirkanti- bloody november
dcybl- kinetik
al core- nuclear vision
azrael- eeyah eeyah

~ por No Ego en septiembre 10, 2010.

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