Not Stopping 2 Dance! [interview w. Fernando Poo]


Forward note:

During this interview an art squat where tekno producer Fernando Poo resides, Tacheles, has been under threat of eviction. As this interview was formatted into a zine, solidarity parties are held at the squat and artists locked the building to prevent the BMW corporation from taking ownership. A spokesperson for BMW said they are now leaving that district of Berlin “because of the high threat level determined by the police.”
This interview is not about the Tacheles space, a well-known cultural center and art squat for 20 years. But you can read about the squat and the recent eviction attempts in a Guardian article. Fernando writes, “a private security want to kick us out from the tacheles… but we win after 3 days of fight!!!!! ” He adds, “Now the situation is better… big victory of few anarcopunks against the fucking system!!!”

To Tacheles!


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~ por No Ego en abril 29, 2014.


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